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CH. Little Trouble Frazzle

Frazzle Little Trouble Frazzle
  • Name: Little Trouble Frazzle

  • Nickname: Frazzle

  • Sex: dog

  • Born: 25. 7. 2007

  • Number: SPKP/REG/195

  • Teeth: scissors bite, missing 2 x M3

  • Height: 33 cm

  • Weight: 6,3 kg

  • Chest: 37,5 cm

  • Progeny in FCI

  • Progeny in PJRTC of Germany

Little Trouble Frazzle
  • Coat and color: rough, black and white

  • Exams: earthdog exam on fox - 1st prize, bolter

  • Titles: Best In Show Herborn 2008 (Simon Apps), champion SK

  • Shows: here

  • Health: LP 0/0,  PRA, C, LL neg. (7/2012)
    BAER bilaterally hearing, DNA test, DNA PLL carrier (AHT)

  • Breeding: studdog (available to approved and healthy bitches)

Frazzle Frazzle
Frazzle Frazzle
Frazzle January 2011
Frazzle 20 months
Frazzle lives in Valasske Mezirici (Czech Republic), but his owner is Bibiana Kosariova,
Fox Meadow´s, more about Frazzle here.



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