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Oskar Hades Paleur
  • Name: Hades Paleur

  • Nickname: Oskar, Oskarek

  • Sex: dog

  • Born: 11. 7. 2006

  • Number: ČLP/PRT/759

  • Teeth: scissors bite, fullmouth

  • Height: 34 cm

  • Weight: 6,5 kg

  • Progeny

Hades Paleur
  • Chest: ? cm

  • Coat and color: smooth, tricolor

  • Exams: none - agility and flyball

  • Titles: none

  • Shows: here

  • Health: LP 0/0, PRA, C, LL neg., DNA PLL clear (AHT)

  • Breeding: studdog (available to approved and healthy bitches)

Oskar Oskar
Oskar Oskar
Oskar flyball
Oskar mating (2,5 roku)
Oskar 22 months
Oskar coursing
Oskar 1 year
Oskar puppy (3 - 9 měsíců)
Oskar´s owner is Gabriela Vitmannova from Trebon, Czech Republic, email: vitmannova@seznam.cz
More about Oskar here: www.hadespaleur.webnode.cz



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